Beauty #4

Beauty #4


 "Art PoP: She was the Original. Bold. Sassy. Rebellious."

Airbrush Action Magazine
May/June 2014

Troy Pierce, a professional airbrush artist, captures the beauty of Edie Sedgwick using Jacquard’s Airbrush Color and then makes prints of her portrait using SolarFast dye in this article. This collage of portraits on different surfaces, and with different colors, exemplifies Pop Art and shows off the versatility of SolarFast.

Jacquard Paints and Solarfast Article

 Pop Art encompasses many different art styles, yet most people only think about Andy Warhol’s soup cans or the Brillo boxes. Often we forget to recognize the realism. I once had the privilege to gaze into Rosen- quist’s large scale panels of blended realism that ex- isted alongside Warhol’s screen-printed Marilyns.  Pop Art is the kind of art that reflects culture, and its special power is how it causes life to suddenly begin reflecting itself in art. Even classical and surrealist painters such as Dali jumped into the movement.         Sometimes the image, be it painted or printed, is just a means to an end. More recently, artists such as Lady Gaga have resurrected this idea of mirroring, which is so central to Pop Art.  With this idea in the front of my mind, I’m finding inspiration and breaking moulds. She was the original. Bold. Sassy. Rebellious. Edie Sedgwick was a Superstar Factory muse, 1960s mod, the inspiration for Warhol’s art, and films have been made about the rise and fall of this art cult icon. 

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